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Western Desert Studio - About

Located in Northern Joshua Tree California, the Western Desert Studio is  focused on producing unique and functional ceramic objects utilizing elements from the surrounding environment in their creation.  All ceramic objects are hand made in limited editions.

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The Western Desert Studio is a small atelier where each piece produced is unique in itself, either as a stand-alone object or part of a limited edition. Ultimately, though many pieces from Western Desert Studio have practical uses, the primary concern is simply creating harmony between the shape, texture, and color of the work. Each form is made by hand and every glaze recipe is prepared from raw minerals and oxides on site. All work has unique characteristics and we would never allow anything we felt that was flawed to leave the studio.

To achieve this end, all work from WDS is guided by a few principles.

  • Aim to employ one of the basic tenants of the arts and crafts movement of utilizing the surrounding environment, physically or theoretically, in the creation of the work.

  • Begin with a fundamental approach of combining abstraction and ornamentation to create positive empathy*.

  • Throughout the multiple processes, preserve the implicit intention for each piece to bear a timeless property in form, palette, and surface.

We feel that when marrying all of these ideas, our goal of producing pieces worthy of occupying the space they hold can be achieved.


For any additional information or inquiries, please contact us below.

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* as defined by Theodor Lipps